Monday, July 8, 2013

Non Dairy Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of those treats that seems to taste so much better when summer is around along with the hot weather. Some people are very limited to what they can have as far as cool treats due to having milk intolerance - those of us with no allergies or intolerances can be grateful that we're able to choose from a variety of options. I was browsing Chocolate Covered Katie's blog and saw the post Ice cream Recipe – Healthy Haagen Dazs! and saw how good it looked in the photos so I decided to make some right away.

I doubled what the recipe called for and used Silk True Coconut - Original milk. I used regular sugar for the recipe and 5 tsp of vanilla extract to make it vanilla flavored ice cream. It was simple to make when following the directions and I ended up using the ice cream machine method. It's easiest to scoop the ice cream later if you freeze according to her instructions.

The ice cream after I put it in the freezer for a couple hours and then scooped it.

I gave some to my brother who's never had dairy free ice cream before and after he took a bite he told me that it was really good. He looked like he wanted more right away - he really loves his ice cream. When I tried some I was delighted at the nice rich taste and loved the different flavors. This has to be my favorite ice cream recipe that I've made at home!

I'll definitely use the batch for more than just eating alone :)

Dairy free ice creams I've bought from the store have tasted good but it's so much more fun to make different foods at home, plus you can know what's really in it if you make it home.

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  1. Megan, I'm visiting back from Creme de la Crumb! I'm loving your blog! I'm sooo glad you shared this recipe! Even though I share lots of ice cream and dairy treats on my blog, I actually have some lactose intolerance and either eat it anyway and get sick, or sometimes I'm lucky and medicine (lactaid) will help. I am truly addicted to ice cream though and know I could never give it up! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely recipe, can't wait to try it!