Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Open Letter To All Women

To all the mothers, daughters, grandmothers, girlfriends, young girls and ladies out there:

I want to remind you how beautiful and valuable you really are - you're an important person to at least one other person. When you smile and are happy it brings more joy to the world. You don't need to let the media or other people tell you what you should look like, act like or weigh. Each and every one of you are unique and bring your own strengths and gifts into this world.

Instead of worrying about your perceived flaws look at the positive things in life and be grateful for all the good things you have. If you take time to think you'll be able to find things that you love about yourself and what nice things you do have in life. You may not be perfect but that's ok, no person is truly perfect. We each have our own problems to deal with.

When we overcome the obstacles we can become stronger and gain knowledge. The things you really want will take some effort to achieve but it's worth it. It's the journey itself and the experiences that make it feel like an accomplishment. Instead of looking for quick fixes work at the things that will last long term but may take some time to accomplish.

You don't have to do it alone either, if you reach out for support from others you can reach your goals. If your family isn't supportive you can reach out online or find others that will support you. You are never truly alone - people can relate to one another. 

Let go of worrying about what others think about you. If someone doesn't like you then you don't need to spend your energy on them. Instead focus on the people you love and those close to you. The more positive you are the more people start to be drawn to you. 

Take pride at the things you're good at and keep practicing your talents. The more you practice the better you'll get. Don't keep waiting till later to do something you want to do - take part in the fun activities instead of looking back later on and feeling regret. 

Share your love with others instead of hiding it away. When you spread love to others you often get some back. Acts of kindness can help you bond with other people in your life.

Take time for yourself where you can relax and do things that are good for you. When you take some time just for you then it's easier to be healthy. You can make positive choices that will help you live a better life. Step by step do the things that will improve your health, fitness, and personal life. You deserve to live a good life!

You are a wonderful person. 

Remember, truly love and take care of yourself, you're worth it!

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