Friday, July 5, 2013

Food Review: Enjoy Life - Double Chocolate Crunch Nut and Gluten Free Granola

Today when I made a stop to the local health food store closest to me I decided to pick up something I hadn't tried before. I enjoy the crunch and textures of granola so I was intrigued when I saw the had one with a double chocolate flavor. Being the chocolate lover I am I decided to get one of the bags along the other items I had in my basket.

It didn't take very long once I got in the door and put the rest of the items away that I went to get a bowl and pour some of the granola in. I was excited to see what this would taste like (plus i was a little bit hungry at the time). Before I got any of the cereal into the actual bowl I nibbled on some of it right out of the package.
I got a nice whiff of chocolate smell after the package was opened.

I got the almond milk out of the fridge and poured it over the amount of granola I poured and it looked like the picture below. Before the almond milk or other milk is added the granola has a nice crunch to it.

The chocolate taste from the granola hit my taste buds not too long after I had my first bite. If you end up letting the granola sit for too long in the milk it will start softening up as with any other type of cereal (if you like the crunch make sure you eat it right away). I enjoyed how the Double Chocolate Granola made the almond milk that was at the bottom of my bowl taste chocolaty. 

It satisfied my craving for chocolate. A little bit later after I finished my bowl of granola I went back to the bag to grab a little more to nibble on. I would definitely buy this product again in the future.

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