Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies ... some of you might not have heard of this or know how to make one.
It's basically a drink that has different types of leafy greens and water blended together and often has fruit in the mix. Those who like the taste of sugar in their diet can start with a green smoothie that has more fruits to leafy greens (by weight). Over time you get used to the taste of leafy greens and can start adding more in.

The best way to see what ratio works best for you is adding some ingredients to the blender, blending, then tasting a bit to see if you like how it tastes - if not add in some more fruit. Depending on what you add to the mix the smoothie may not come out green. If you add berries it often changes it to a purple-red type of color - this can help fool others into thinking there's no greens in it.

One of the many benefits of having green smoothies regularly is that it easily helps you get in the recommended fruit and vegetable servings. It's a quick meal that you can take with you on the go. It's also easier for the body to digest.

One of the things you might notice if you drink green smoothies on a regular basis is that you feel more energetic - such a bonus to feel good throughout the whole day. There's a good amount of people out there who find they don't crave sweets and processed foods as much when they keep up their green smoothie habit.
If you get into the habit of drinking a green smoothie you'll start seeing the health benefits popping up.

Different examples of a green smoothie (blended with water):

  • spinach + strawberries + banana
  • spinach + kiwi + pineapple + banana
  • romaine lettuce + mixed berries
  • mixed baby greens + celery + cucumber + banana + apple
  • spinach + peaches + orange
  • romaine lettuce + banana + pear + mango
There's so many possibilities - add your favorite fruit with some greens you like (please use something that's not iceberg lettuce) 

Why not try taking the green smoothie challenge of drinking a green smoothie each day for 30 days , your body will thank you for it if you do

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  1. i find the idea of iceberg lettuce in a smoothie particularly amusing--do people actually do that? nice post and excellent suggestions!