Friday, March 15, 2013


Here's a little something to let anyone reading this blog get to know me. My name's Megan but most people tend to call me Meg. I went through a college program called Culinary Management (which trains people to be able to get a job as a Chef eventually). It was while I was in that program that I discovered how much I love to bake so I ended up taking the Baking&Pastry Arts program.

I have a passion for good tasting food, health and fitness. In the bakeshop you tend to be surrounded with so much temptation - especially if you really love sweet treats. I'll admit that I personally have a pretty big sweet tooth and enjoy getting to have a little dessert here and there. I decided to start a quest to achieve better health, fitness and have lots of fun experiences along the way.

I've struggle with my weight since I was little. For most of my life I've been slightly on the heavy side except for one point where I ended up weighing not enough for my height. Being more of a foodie type can affect weight to some degree I guess.
To get headed in the right direction I've been trying different Clean Eating recipes and keeping a food log since I have some weight/fat to get rid of.

One thing I really enjoy as far as exercise is running. I had hurt my knee at one point from increasing my mileage too much and too soon. I'm starting from base level to get back to running on a regular basis. I also happened to discover Zumba (a type of dance class). The music used gets me excited to move and groove.
I like to have a couple of different types of exercise that I do in a week.

Everyone has to begin their journey somewhere and we all have a different start point. Instead of comparing ourselves to other people around us we should aim to constantly improve ourselves when we can. As I go along my journey I'll post different things like recipes, workouts I've tried, and many other types of posts.

Sending lots of love to everyone!

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