Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring?

Today is supposed to be the first day of Spring but it sure doesn't feel like it here. There's still plenty of snow on the ground where I live.

This is what it looks like where I live, it still feels like Winter to me. What I imagined the first day of spring to be like was the grass showing and flowers starting to grow. Most of the day I spent baking up different treats. Away from home I made Sourdough Bread, Fresh Fruit Tarts, Sponge Cakes, and Sugar Syrup.

After I got back home I made some Peanut Butter Banana Cookie with Dark Chocolate Chunks. At different points in the week I make up different recipes for later in the week. Bulk cooking can save you time if you set aside a day to do it.

I ended up with plenty of time left in my day to exercise - getting in a run and doing some Zumba. 
After a day with a few bumps it's nice to be able to relax and do things you want to in your own haven.
Definitely a good time to also practice some skills such as making buttercream icing flower, cake border designs and using royal icing.

With any skill you want to get better at practice definitely helps. Some people improve faster than others - we have to keep working at it no matter what. We all have our own goals so let's work hard to achieve them!

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